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Nobama Politics

57 STATES - In the United States of Obama

01.20.13 - Take Back Our Country


UNINFORMED VOTERS - Thinking is pretty difficult

" FOLLOW THE 'YELLOW' BRICK ROAD TO PEACE " - We're off to see the Leaders, The Wonderful Leaders of the UN. They have no brain, Heart, courage or conscience.

OMG! OBAMA MUST GO! - Oh, My… Obama's Harvard Law Professor Roberto Unger Says "President MUST Be Defeated in 2012"

LET'S MAKE SURE - he leaves this one

IN A SOCIALISTIC SOCIETY.... - It makes more sense NOT to have a job....

THERE IS AN ASTERISK MISSING NEXT TO "PROGRESS:" - *Toward Socialism and the destruction of America. That about sums it up.

" A TRULY GREAT LIBRARY CONTAINS SOMETING IN IT TO OFFEND EVERYONE" - Where they have burned books, they will end in burning human beings. Heinrich Heine.